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About ECM, LLC

The ECM, LLC was founded in 2009 to produce precise environment friendly electrochemical machines for manufacturing of parts from a wide range of metals, alloys, metal-ceramics and nanostructure materials.
The registered trade mark of the Company is

Founders of ECM, LLC are individuals — collective of technology and equipment developers for impulse electrochemical processing, financial investors (Public corporation "Rosnanotech" and RVT-Invest fund).

ECM, LLC is an assign of intellectual property of the "TITAN-ECM" LLC (founded on the initiative of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University) and individuals - experts in the field of technology and equipment for electrochemical processing.

Corporate authors of ECM, LLC have more than 30 years of experience in the field of electrochemistry. For this time, they have created 12 serial models of electrochemical machines, mastered and implemented more than one hundred of technological processes in Russia and abroad. 7 monographies, about 300 articles were published and more than 100 patents for inventions were received.

* ECM — an abbreviation from ElectroChemical Machining.

ECM Today

- PECM staff numbers 53 employees, including: 1 Doctor of Engineering, 8 PhD in Technical Sciences, 38 qualified engineer s and technicians.

- Industrial and office premises:
in Ufa – 2370 sq m

- The production area in Ufa is characterized by multifarious project and production infrastructure and supplied with all necessary high-tech machining techniques, software and measuring devices.

- Production area output is 50 ECM machines of ЕТ500, ЕТ3000, ЕТ6000 type per year.

- Infrastructure of the central production area includes the following elements:

  • Design department (mechanical and hydraulic engineering, electrical technology, software tools and control systems subdivisions).
  • Two processing lines for ET - series machines manufacturing, installation and testing.
  • Original electronic modules assembly and setting site.
  • Measuring laboratory, equipped with КИМ-500 six- coordinate measuring machine, Taylor Hubson microprofilometer, Olympus metallographical microscope, JCM-5000 electron microscope and other machines and devices.
  • Electrochemical analysis laboratory
  • Industrial engineering department, equipped with two ET series ECM machines, Sodick AG400L EDM machine, an electro-discharge machine, AgieCharmilles EDM machine, an engraving machine, ultrasonic and glass powder treatment machines.
  • After-sales service department
  • Accomplished engineering plans and part samples exhibition
  • Economic Planning and Legal Department

All types of software design, measuring and development are performed with the application of such licensed program products as Inventor; Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional; Keil uVision 4.

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