┼Ď500 ľ Desktop precise electrochemical machine

The electrochemical machine of ┼Ď500 model is of desktop type and is intended for die-sinking and hole-contouring technological operations. The most advanced technical decisions in the field of precision electrochemical processing are used in the machine that allows to process parts with high technological indicators from a wide range of metals and alloys, including titanium, heat resisting alloys, metal-ceramics and nanostructure materials in a one-component electrolyte fluid (8% water solution of neutral salt NaNO3).

The machine can be applied in various industries for manufacturing of tools, press-tools, compression moulds, foundry moulds, and also parts of machines, devices, medical apparatuses with the area of simultaneously processed surface up to 7 cm², which have increased requirements to accuracy (0,05 mm and less) and to quality of a facial layer (Ra 0,2 micron and less, absence of thermal influence zone) or which have the openwork design, which does not suppose mechanical contact to the tool.

The machine can process parts with a margin error 0,01 mm and less with surface roughness Ra <0,05 micron.

Machine ET500, ┼Ď500Látechnical characteristics

Work table size, mm250×250250×250
Limiting dimensions of the blank (L×W×H), mm 150×150×100150×150×200
Quantity of controllable axes1 (Z)1 (Z)
Maximum travel, mm5050
Maximum distance from the end face of the movable sleeve to the table, mm 150250
Rapid motions velocity, mm/min200200
Feed rate, mm/min0,001…10,001…1
Resolution the Z axis, mm0,0010,001
Maximum pulse current, └ 500500
Maximum workpiece weight, kg1010
Maximum weight of the electrode tool, kg11