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Supply of high-tech equipment for the manufacture of gas turbine blades.

1 August

The world company for the production of turbine blades, working in the field of development and production of turbomachinery, specializing in 5-axis processing of flow components, showed interest in the electrochemical equipment of our company. Difficult processed materials by traditional methods, require new technological solutions for the tasks of manufacturing parts in the world industry. Electrochemical treatment is a fast, cost-effective processing process that eliminates heat, mechanical loads, operates noiselessly, processes a surface of 5-15 μm wide in one pass, does not require additional checks and secondary processes such as burr removal, manual finishing and grinding .
Evaluating all the advantages of modern machines manufactured by LLC "ECM", negotiations were held between the companies on the supply of high-tech equipment.
At present, all test tests have been carried out and the contract has already been signed by both parties.

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